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Akash Jaiswal, Team Hi-Tech

A new era of digital transformation in COVID 19 pandemic

By Akash Jaiswal , Executive Head , Team Hi-Tech.

The change in generation given the new birth to the digital world, which empowered the whole 2020 year in the grip. Although it was already noted a high percentage of people using the digital platform in 2019 with their own choice but 2020 persuaded remaining people to convert, in news reports of business statistic.  Read More

Adieu to the old Comparison based Education system

By Akash Jaiswal , Executive Head , Team Hi-Tech.

After 34 years, finally there’s a major change in India’s Education Policy. Comparison happens when the parameters are the same. But, now students can choose interdisciplinary subjects easily. A physics student can also choose pottery in his course A student with interest in Fashion designing can now also learn Computer coding. Now, when the subjects of students would be different, the tagline “Sharmaji Ka ladka” becomes invalid. Read More

“SEO” – Mastermind Of The Digital Trending World

By Akash Jaiswal , Executive Head , Team Hi-Tech.

In today’s competitive market, businesses fight to seek everyone’s attention online. First, to get more traffic on their website and then to keep them engaged until they convert. We all have heard about SEO. It is the most common term used by marketers. Read More